PrePlanning and PreFunding
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For those of you that have experienced the loss of a loved one and have been a part of the planning process, you know that this can be a very stressful time. There is a lot of confusion, grief, despair and time limitations following the death which all impacts and impedes the decision-making process. Many times, families are separated by distance. They are making travel arrangements to get home, they need to get their lives in order, they are dealing with the grief of losing their loved ones and then are faced with the sometimes overwhelming decision-making process of the funeral planning.

By prearranging the funeral, you and your loved ones have the opportunity to make choices which will not only bring you peace of mind today, but will provide you comfort when the need arises that the arrangements are all in order. This allows families to concentrate on supporting each other, rather than being asked to make major decisions at a very emotional time. You can take all the time that is necessary to plan a service that is of your or you loved ones personal preference. Often loved ones are confused over what the deceased would have wanted or what is proper. They may agonize over the selections. By selecting your options in advance, there is no doubt. And, you can even change your mind later, if you wish.

During preplanning of the service, you have the time to think about and answer such personal and individualized questions such as:


You can relieve the financial burden from those you love by prefunding. If you choose to handle the funding of your funeral in advance, we have plans that will assure that your survivors will never have to pay additional funds for the services and merchandise you selected. Most families experience a tremendous relief when they realize that all the necessary details of the funeral have been taken care of in advance. Relieving this future emotional burden for their loved ones is an important part of planning ahead.

Homesteaders Life Company

We have chosen Homesteaders Life as our partner in offering funding for your funeral. Why an insurance company you may ask? In 1987, the tax laws were changed so that earning from an insurance-based product is the only choice that can grow tax-free. Homesteaders Life Company is a mutual company (it is owned by Policy owners like you) and is based in Des Moines, Iowa. It is a company that offers unique plans for funding prearranged funerals. The company does not offer any other type of insurance. Founded in 1906, this company has a solid reputation for growth and prompt payments of its claims. Throughout its history, the company has always concentrated on funding funeral plans. Our firm’s reputation is always at stake and we choose business partners very carefully. You can rest assured that your plan is one of the finest offered anywhere. We have studied the cost/benefit of several such plans and feel very comfortable that Homesteaders offers you the benefits, protection, and tax-free growth that make your funeral plan complete.

Irrevocable Burial Trust

An irrevocable burial trust is a method done by setting up an irrevocable burial account that is held in the bank trust department. Irrevocable trust accounts may be done at any bank of your own choosing. Interest earned on these accounts will help offset the inflation in funeral expenses over the years. It is guaranteed by us to cover funeral expenses as previously chosen when paid in full at the time of arrangements and we will refund excess funds to the family.

Life Insurance Assignment

The last method is by taking a current life insurance policy and making an irrevocable assignment of ownership to the funeral home in order to provide money for the funeral services at the time of need. The policy would be redeemed at the time of death and proceeds would be used to pay for the funeral bill. Any unpaid portions of the funeral bill would be passed on to the family. Likewise, any additional funds would be returned to the family.

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